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drei hunde nacht

We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer you a special course this summer:

The Wisdom of Nature with Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood was born in 1954.  He spent the first two years of his life on a remote Indian reservation in the Florida Everglades.  Although he does not speak Muskogee he does not consider English to be his first language.  He had a great deal of trouble learning to translate his thoughts into English.  The study of astrology gave him a vocabulary with which to express his thoughts, which followed intuitive patterns rather than cause-and-effect rationalism.  He had his first experience of the 'living Nature' at age 10, while attending First Day School at the Northern Half Yearly Meeting of Friends in Wausaw, Wisconsin.  He was raised a Quaker and has been a student of Nature Wisdom since he was 13 years old.  
From the age of 2 onwards Matthew was raised in Minneapolis, where he attended public school and the University of Minnesota.  He graduated with a BA, major in history, in 1986.  Matthew began practicing herbalism at Present Moment Herbs and Books in 1982.  He has been in private practice since 1990.  "I remember what it was like before our field was invaded by all these know-it-all scientists and doctors who have never used herbs began to tell us how herbs worked.  That was before the very fabric of herbalism was warped by modern commerce."  In 2003 he completed a Master's Degree in Herbal Medicine at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, accredited by the University of Wales, one of the largest accrediting bodies in the world.  
From 1992-2005 Matthew lived at Sunnyfield Herb Farm in Minnetrista, Minnesota, seventeen acres dedicated to herbs and herbal teaching.  He now lives in the tiny burg of Martell, Wisconsin, across from the Rush River, in a 157 year old log cabin.
Matthew Wood is the author of six books on herbal medicine and is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild.
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The course begins on August 1st at 13:00 and ends on August 7th at 14:00
Class is limited to 20 participants!

The seminar will be held in English

Hof Drei Hunde Nacht
Münchweiler 8
66687 Wadern OT Münchweiler

About the farm:
Hof Drei Hunde Nacht (three dog night) is located in the beautiful northern Saarland: Several people live at the farm which is also home to the company DHN natural products for dogs and the holistic practice (veterinary) of German author and herbalist Swanie Simon.
We have quite a few animals at the farm, many rescues, so you'll surely come into contact with some dogs, cats, horses and goats.
The sleeping arrangements are clean but simple with shared bath, shower and WC.
We have a lovely herb garden at the farm and lots of wild herbs in the area.

You can see more of the farm and it's occupants here:

We have the following accommodations at the farm:
3 double rooms
1 single room
1 camper for 2 people
1 gypsy wagon with a mattress for 1 person
You can also sleep in a tent, we have a few at the farm for visitors.

Rooms will on allotted at a first come, first serve basis.


For those who wish to stay at our farm:
750,00 Euro incl. all materials, script and meals as well as sleeping quarters for 5 days and nights
For those camping at the farm - 700,00 Euro incl.
all materials, script and meals

For those staying at hotels:
600,00 without meals incl. materials, script
640,00 lunch only, incl. materials, script
680,00 with lunch and dinner , incl. materials, script
700,00 Euro incl. all materials, script and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Please let us know if you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs.

A deposit of 100,00 Euro is necessary to reserve your place in the course.

For international travelers - you are welcome to come early and stay a few days longer. We can pick you up at the train station in Merzig Bahnhof, Germany anytime before August 1st at 12:00. Closest Airport is Luxembourg Intl. Airport


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Course curriculum:

Sat. 1 August.  1:30-5:30pm. 
Nature is Alive!  Living in the Soul of Nature, Understanding from the Light of Nature. 
This day serves as a general introduction to our theme, which combines the tradition of Nature Wisdom taught by Paracelsus, similar themes from the teachings of the North American Indian people, worldwide shamanism, and thirty years of herbal practice, learning, and teaching. 


Sun. 2 August. 
The Doctrine of Signatures. 
Nature does not waste anything, and therefore every shape, color, and scent is significant.  These means that the old “doctrine of signatures” is valid, despite scientific animosity.  Form does equal function.  The appearance of the plant is as much a product of the nature of the plant as the medicinal constituents.  How could it be otherwise?  Therefore, we look to the appearance, color, environmental niche, to tell us about the medicinal properties of the plant.  This helps us understand the plant as a whole, a view which is often missed when we only look at the pieces, the constituents.     


Afternoon: Herb Walk. 
In the afternoon we illustrate the doctrine of signatures with a walk in the herb garden in Saarland.  Students are invited to let their own imagination and intuition led them to discover new uses or better understand old uses of plants.  We will compare notes.


During the week we will take herb walks around the farm to learn, stretch our legs, and enjoy Nature.     


Mo. 3 August. 
Herbal Energetics. 
It is important that we open up and train our intuition to see patterns.  In the herbal world this approach is known as “energetics.”  Nature changes and flows in simple patterns that we all recognize, such as hot and cold, damp and dry, light and dark, tense and relaxed, excess and deficiency.  The same is true for the body, and our health, and these are the same influences that plants must meet and survive.  Therefore, the plant has taken into the “poison,” the excess heat or cold, for instance, survived, and carried that power as a medicinal property.  We must learn to see patterns in Nature, the human body, and the plant properties.  Fortunately, the plant taste usually resembles the plant “energetic” properties.  In this class we will discuss the six tissue states (heat/excitation, cold/depression, dry/atrophy, damp/stagnation, tension and relaxation). 


Tu. 4 August. 
Animal Medicines, Plant Medicines I.   
In the medicine teachings of the American Indian people plants and medicine powers are classified by animal, as well as by natural phenomena.  The great animals are “archetypal” in story and in human life: Wolf, Bear, Lion or Cat, Dog, Bird, Eagle, Hawk, Water Bird, Fish, Buffalo, Elephant, Turtle, Snake.  There are also natural powers: Sun, Moon, Cloud, Mist, Wind.  There are also a few universal mythological beings: Little People, Fish People, Giant Fish, etc.  Many of these “medicine powers” are associated with plants and explain their properties.  They can also be associated with types of knowledge, clans or societies, families, and individuals.     


Wednesday.  5 August. 
Morning.  Herbal Alchemy, Theory. 
Paracelsus divided the plant and mineral into three kingdoms: body, soul, and spirit.  In chemical terms, these are the equivalent of “that which burns (soul), that which goes up in the smoke or vaporized (spirit), and that which remains in the ash (body).  These three parts are more easily isolated in plants.  Modern pharmacy and pharmacology grew out of these insights.  The spirit is the source of the distillable fraction, which usually contains the medicinal part, the soul contains the burnable fixed oils (like flaxseed oil), and the body contains the carbon ash and the minerals.  By burning and grinding the carbon is removed to end up with the minerals.  The volatile oils are associated with the spirit, though they too are oils – fixed oils do not evaporate, volatile oils do.  


Herbal Alchemy in Practice. 
Making medicines with Swanie Simon.    


Thursday.  6 August. 
Animal Medicines, Plant Medicines II. 
This class will continue the one on Monday.  In addition to more on the animal medicine and plant teachings we will learn about the animal self.  Each of us has our own personal animal spirit, which is the center of our “animal” way of looking at the world and our survival instincts.  We need to actualize and merge our human self with our animal self in order to become a complete person.  This opens up our dream self or spirit. This is why the symbol of the shaman is half human/half animal and why shamanism is associated with dreamtime.  When the animal self is actualized, the dream self also becomes actual because we gain “eyes and ears” in the dream world.      


Friday.  7 August. 
Seven Herbs, Plants As Teachers. 
We will return to my first book, and my first teachings on the medicine path: the Seven Guideposts on the spiritual path and the Seven Herbs.     


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